Save the Robots

In the near distant future, humans have become so dependent on synthetic duplicates, that the line between the two species has become a blur. A crisis of conscience and continuation envelopes the creators and the created.

Harry Domain, CEO of Reason’s Universal Robots is the provider of the these synthetic humans or “Robots” as their known, inherited from his Uncle, the legendary physiologist and Robot creator, Professor Reason. Production of Robots has made Harry and the company billions of dollars, until the unannounced arrival of his college crush comes to jeopardize the continued production of “synthetic slaves”. When a new generation of Robot is developed, Harry and the humans must join forces with Reason’s Robots to face the past he’s been hiding from to secure the future of all life on Earth. The greatest secret of all will shock to the very core and leave spectators questioning the meaning of their own existence…

Save the Robots is a science-fiction rock Dramedy-Noir book musical based on Karel Capek’s 1920 play R.U.R., which invented the word Robot and has inspired subsequent Science fiction authors and technology-tales since. As far as we know as of this writing, amazingly enough, this book is the only, and will therefore be the definitive musical adaptation of this underappreciated, yet groundbreaking and history changing parable ahead of it’s time with the first literary tale of man-made machine takeover.

Paying tribute to Sci-Fi “B” movies, with a Mod, Neo-noir “Metropolis” sense of distopia and suspense, Save The Robots is a satirical, urgent countdown to human extinction at the (literal) hands of their own technology, with unique twists created solely for this new adaptation. This musical is a compelling philosophical, sociological, and theological tale of loss and love set to the power-punk pop anthems written by former bandmates immersed in NYC’s 80′s cyber-glam CBGB scene, with the book told in the vein of such renown science fiction and cerebral luminaries like Philip K. Dick, Charlie Kaufman, Seth MacFarlane, and Sally Jesse Raphael.

What makes a person human? What makes a living being have a soul? Now, the only option left to save humanity is to SAVE THE ROBOTS.