Show Summary

In 1986, keyboardist/composer Rob Susman joined “Hagatha”, a band lead by singer and lyricist Clark Render. They wrote songs and played at the World, Limelight and CBGB’s. The band generated some industry interest with esoteric power pop songs and high energy performances. They remained friends and musical collaborators after the band broke up.

Decades later, Rob Susman found cassette recordings of Hagatha and decided to use some of the material for a theatrical production.  All of the lyrics remained, some of the music was re-arranged, and a few new completely new melodies were written.  A showcase of the new Hagatha songs was presented in concert at Don Hills in 2009.

The first theatrical production using Hagatha’s song catalog was at the Krane Theater for 4 nights in the Spring of 2011.  The music was well received but the story had to be rewritten. With a new script and a new title, the show moved to the Players Theater in 2012 for a limited run. “Save the Robots” as it was now called, was again praised for its music but the book still needed work.

Rob wanted to use Carel Kapek’s ground breaking play “R.U.R.” as the source material for the show’s story. Cast member Erica Ether approached Rob Susman with a beautifully written adaptation in 2013. Ms. Ether consolidated Mr. Capek’s characters and story while seamlessly integrating Hagatha’s songs. Dave the Robots finally had a script that measured up to the music.

“Help Narcissus”, from Save the Robots was selected by TRU as a “turnaround song” this past Summer during one of its festivals.  STR was also presented by “The Show Goes On” productions at the Mint Theater for an industry showcase.  “Microworld”, from Save the Robots, was played on a German Radio 1 program “Songboek” as part of their “I Robot” show. The disc jockey found STR on FaceBook.